Wearing an AGNES ULRIKA coat is like telling a story. Finding a way to stand out, and to carry the crown of being one of a kind. As Ulrika travels the world, she always takes the time to explore a city’s fabric districts. This is the foundation, as she says:


“It’s a journey that starts with the fabrics that speak to me and ends with the coats imagined for you”



“Notice or be noticed. I saw you before you saw me.”



AGNES ULRIKA is about laying original colours, patterns and textures onto a standard schablon for each edition. Taking a shape and making it into the piece that “speaks”



Like any piece of artwork the difference is in the details - the careful thought that goes into each design. Fabrics that are searched and re-searched - Colours that are not not obvious but work brilliantly, or design collaborations across genres.


These are not commonplace coats that you will see on the streets of every city - each one starts from its own sketch and inspiration. And let us know if you have your own preferences - we can take them and produce your dream coat.


Are you ready to start the journey to your first bespoke AGNES ULRIKA coat? Then just click on the Be In Touch below and we can take the next step together - be that for the coats you see on the site, or the start of a collaboration on the coat you’re dreaming of. The personal process starts with your imagination.