AGNES ULRIKA is a new apparel brand from Ulrika Talling-Smith that creates beautifully designed, bespoke, coats for the woman of today. Each coat is unique, imagined by Ulrika in fabric that speaks to you, just as an artwork might in a gallery.

We’re all creatives - striving for our own look, revelling in our womanhood and mixing something new with our enduring self.

Immerse yourself in the necessity of beauty.



The heart of AGNES ULRIKA is the creative fashionista, Ulrika Talling-Smith.

As a Swede she grew up in Stockholm, one of the world’s most renowned design cultures. In her formative years she was influenced by her mother - a fabric expert appointed to the Swedish Royal Family. Since then Ulrika has become one of the new generation of world citizens, having lived and worked in Stockholm, London, New York and San Francisco.

Now living and working in London, Ulrika is constantly seeking creative solutions in life and discovering original fabrics for her expanding line of bespoke coats. She has always had a creative instinct so launching AGNES ULRIKA was a natural progression from many years of planning the venture.